• Do not run npm install vuepress in your Dropbox directory.

  • Sandra Oh in Killing Eve is Colombo.

  • New expression: “Like a tick check in long grass.” Used for when doing something right now would be pointless because it will happen again immediately. Like ringing out your shirt in pouring rain, etc.

  • Kid quote of the day

    6 y/o (shortly after having a yellow jacket land on her hand): it just tried to ponillate me!

  • Kid quote of the day

    4 y/o: No one wants to play coffee shop with me.

    Me: Fine, I’ll play. Can I have a small coffee? No cream, no sugar.

    4 y/o: We’re all out.

  • New and Improved Colgate Total Complete Advanced Hyper Anticavity Antigingivitis Tartar Control Plaque Destroyer Whitening Gel-Paste for teeth is amazing.

  • So long Jonsered. Off to Dals Långed. 🇸🇪

  • Media consumption:

    Reading: Fall or Dodge in Hell by Neal Stephenson. So far I think I liked the first half better than the second half. It had lots of callbacks to other Stephenson books to keep me interested. The part I’m in now is a bit of a biblical slog.

    Listening: mostly Slate podcasts. Lexicon Valley being my favorite, but also political gabfest, trumpcast, what’s next, and the gist still going to the top of the feed. For fun, catching up on No One Can Know About This. as far as music goes, the boy has been really into Harry Nilsson, so I’ve been listening to him a lot. And Weird Al’s first album (also because of children).

    Watching: nothing! Which is a little strange, but I’ve also been going to bed early. I did binge Futureman Season 2

    Kid quote of the day:

    R: H, what’s 7+4 H: Stairs

  • I’m excited to give a non-twitter Twitter a shot. Especially if it’s supported by a paid model rather than ads. Also, it’s fun that long-form writing is supported.

    How do I justify $5 per month for someone to host tweets? I scroll through my creditcard statement for 45 minutes and find $5 of other subscriptions I can cut out!

    What am I going to use this space for? Not sure yet. Maybe just answering my own questions, maybe code and management stuff. Right now I’m just happy that no one knows it’s here yet!

  • Just setting up my not twitter.

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